About us

What is Embrace?

Embrace is a toy for your intuition! It shows what you are feeling.

Embrace Now makes it possible for you to connect online on a purely intuitive level. It facilitates finding people or services that you relate to online using only your senses - just as if you were to encounter someone on the street, a friend, an inspiration, a new idea, and so on… In short, those coincidences that bring magic into your life as they attend and possibly even guide you.

It is my belief, the more intuitively we can find friends, partners, coaches, workshops, books and workmates that are right for us, the faster and more easily we may find the right path back to ourselves.

Sadly, we are often filled with conscious and unconscious judgements and evaluations. These offer no support to us in finding ourselves. Embrace allows you to deactivate these limitations if you wish, and let yourself be guided purely by your intuition. Let your senses play – approach life playfully! Simply EMBRACE NOW!

Come and join the game with the universe. Discover the possibilities of the connection to and within you!

I´m excited to see how you make Embrace Now work for you!

Great fun and good feelings

What is the intention behind Embrace?

Embrace was developed to be completely free and open to the user –as close to the native concept as possible. You, the Embrace Now community, decides where it is heading. Its implementation is in your hands!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your requests and wishes.

The Creator of Embrace Now

Daniela, living in Potsdam, Germany. Entrepreneur, evolving free spirit and increasingly socially engaged.

Embrace has emerged from a long-running process which has led me ever further from the acquired logic of the mind to the sensations of the heart. My life´s journey over the last ten years has brought me to Embrace Now. It was through coping with grief and through grief counselling (www.balduins-box.de) that I have learnt how important it is to permit, to feel, all emotions, no matter how traumatic they may be. Only in this manner may we accept the flow of life and learn to become ourselves, living in the here and now.

I am deeply grateful for this gift of life and very excited to see where it leads us!

Warmest regards from the here and now,